8 September 2012

Overcoming challenges with Cassiel

Hello dear readers,

Welcome to new followers who may have found me through Facebook.  Today on Facebook I spoke of Saturday, and the Ruler who is the mighty Angel Cassiel, pictured here and on Facebook.

Perhaps you might like to work with Cassiel on a meditation?

Here is one to try:
  • Sit quietly and close your eyes; place the challenge you face in your heart
  • If you have a Cassiel crystal (Obsidian, particularly snowflake obsidian, black and white agate or two crystals like jet and milky quartz) hold this in your left hand. 
  • Invoke Cassiel by saying: Cassiel, Cassiel, Cassiel please be with me to help me face and conquer this challenge so that I can move on in life, in love and light, love and light, love and light.
  • Begin to breathe as deeply as possible, imagining you are breathing pure white Angelic Light energy in, right down through your body even into your toes.  
  • With each out-breath you are letting go of negative feelings, such as fear or worry about what you are facing until you have let all this go; see this as dark energy you are releasing, and do this for as long as you feel you need to, breathing in Angelic Light and breathing out negativity.
  • When you feel ready, with the next breath send this light through your toes and down to the heart of Mother Earth, until it connects with the Saf-Fire blue Sun at her heart. (This is the Atoma of Earth, emitting a hum that some of you may hear/sense)
  • From your own heart say you are willing to be a channel to send healing to the Heart of Mother Earth, she will receive this gratefully.
  • In gratitude she will send you healing in return.  Now breathe this crystalline energy back through your toes and draw it up to your heart.
  • As your heart is bathed in sparkling crystalline light it helps you to intuit how to overcome your challenge.
  • Now send this energy up through the top of your head, to illuminate your mind to decide what to do, so the outcome you seek will return you to peace and serenity.
  • Ask Cassiel to help you seal in your positive feelings, and also to complete the programming of your crystal.  Thank him for his help. 
If you held a crystal in your left hand, place your right palm over it to seal it in your palms and ask for the energy of the meditation to be retained in your crystal. Keep the crystal with you for confidence until your challenge is resolved!

Sending you all love and light
Angela x


Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

This is a beautiful meditation and I will try it before I go to bed tonight. I have snowflake obsidian somewhere - will try to locate it. Oh, and YES! I have heard the 'hum' once during meditation... It was awesome! Thank you for sharing. <3

Angela McGerr said...

Hello Lisa, I'd love to converse with you as I googled you and found it all very interesting, plus thank you for using my works via You Tube to help people.