28 January 2010

A meditation for Haiti

Our hearts continue to go out to the people of Haiti as they battle to survive the aftermath of the devastating earthquake. Healing is required for hundreds of thousands, as well as for Mother Earth herself.

Here is a meditation I have adapted that you can use to help with this situation, invoking the angels Ariel (Ruler of Earth and Air), Raphael (Healing), Rachmiel (Comfort and Compassion) and Achaiah (Secrets of Nature).

  • Close your eyes and start taking deep breaths of pure white energy, breathing out any negative emotions, until you start to feel relaxed.
  • Then invoke all the above angels, calling on each of them by name three times and asking them to be with you, for the Highest Good of All.
  • Now visualise their Colour Rays of rose, gold, violet and green.
  • Breathe in a woven spiral of these Angelic Light energies
  • Hold this spiral of energies within your heart, to empower it with Love.
  • Now send the spiral down through your feet into the heart of Mother Earth, and then bring it back through self, and upwards through your crown into Air, so that you are completely connected to Above and Below, grounded and safe with the angels.
  • You are now a conduit that can channel this beautiful Angelic Light spiral that contains all the qualities of these mighty angels, and it can expand to cover entire areas.
  • Now form a heart intention that you wish to help heal Haiti (and you can also ask to heal other damaged areas of Mother Earth, such as war zones. There is no limit to what you can ask from heart).
  • Next with Ariel, Ruler of Earth and Air, breathe in the spiral Colour Rays once again and hold that breath in your heart; as you do this you also hold the angel vibration.
  • As you breathe out, really will and intend that the power of Love transmits this Angelic Light energy to the area (or areas) of Mother Earth where it is needed. Not just on the surface to All Life, but also to the Air Above and the Earth Beneath.
  • In gratitude for your kindness and compassion you will receive healing back from Mother Earth and the angels for yourself.
Remember to thank all the angels for their loving assistance.

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