23 February 2016

Blog Part 2: Lemurian Blue Star e-Mystery School - Intermediate/Advanced Angel Alchemist Training for Light Workers

Enrolments open March 2016 only for:
LEMURIAN BLUE STAR e-MYSTERY SCHOOL; this is a unique course whose development was guided by Seraphiel, Sanusemi, Metatron & Shekinah and may especially "call" those with past life connections to Dolphin (Cetacean), including Sirius and Pleiades. Take Intermediate and/or Advanced levels to learn a complete Light Work system. (Can be studied up to 7 levels, or just to the Intermediate Levels 1-3 which also prepare for the Atlantean Initiation Workshop of Hermes Trismegistus). This individual, self-study internet course firstly majorly aids Ascension and then teaches specialist Light Work involving healing with Earth/Air/Fire and Water, including soul/soul fragment retrieval and heart grail. Also healing of your ten subtle energy bodies (see Love & Light Cards) with Sacred Geometry of Spirit, 12, 13, 72, 144). 

Seraphiel Ruler of the Seraphim Creation Angels
If you are already doing Light Work with angels, and have worked with my cards and books, which are telling you that you've had past lives in either Lemuria, or in both ancient civilisations, you can enrol directly into the Lemurian Blue Star e-Mystery School Levels 1, 2 & 3 to study with meInitially msg Facebook (angelamcgerrauthor to enquire about this. If not, you can always take the Starter mini-e-Module first.

Intermediate Levels of Lemurian Blue Star Light Worker Training
  • Level 1 - Restoring Earth's pure template - Star Tetrahedron Light body - Becoming One with Sacred Eden Tree: Earth, Grounding, Oneness with All, Angelic Light Body with Crystalline Diamond Heart Geometry of Heart Ascension. Also with some remedial energy work for healers, plus Malachim Healing Glyphs, Mystical Animal Devas.
  • Level 2 - Air/Breath of LIfe: Ascension to the Blue Star of our origins (unfallen Rigel), you gain a higher vibration Angelic Light Body as you fly with Thunderbird to the Blue Star and  return asThunderbeing of the Blue Star, carrying the Saf-Fire vibration from Orion, so helping to restore the original vibration of Earth (and Venus's) origin. Allows Blue Star Saf-fire energy to be grounded and manifested continuously for Mother Earth, Nature Kingdom and All Life. Plus further remedial self-healing for Light Workers.
  • Level 3 (Fire of Life and Cones of Star Fire). This Octahedral Angelic Light Body level is for Soul Healing/Soul Fragment Retrieval Light Work, yet also includes methodology for healing of damaged (through bloodshed) fabric of Mother Earth herself. It may especially draw those from Fire of Life, Celtic/Dragon, Lion or Solarian (Children of the Sun) origins. 
  • These three levels: £444.00 inclusive of the unique Angelic Light Attunements  given in Templa Mar.(can also prepare students fully for the Emerald Table Initiation of Hermes Trismegistus, which crosses the series at Rosa Mystica.

Advanced levels of Lemurian Blue Star Light Worker Training
  • Level 4 (Water of LIfe and Heart Grail) Completes the restoration of Earth's pure Eden Tree Template through Heart Grail, and Moon aspects aid balance of Divine Feminine. May especially draw those with Water of Life (Dolphin/Cetacean/Pleiades) or Swan (Cygnus) origins. Contributes greatly to balancing of Ascension of this Water World and mankind (80% Water). 
  • Level 5 (Rosa Mystica 1*) This is Spirit - the doman of the Seraphim Star Angels of Creation. Work directly with the Seraphim. Draws those here to do Advanced Light Work (with Quinary and all Spheres of Angels; healing of the first 5 subtle energy bodies). *Heart & Soul and also see Love & Light Cards - Shekinah Suit
  • Level 6 (Rose Mystica 2** - the Unseen Heavens and 144,000 Light Beings of Ascension, healing of the higher 5 subtle energy bodies) **See Love & Light Cards Metatron Star Gate Suit
  • Level 7 (The Sword and the Grail, re-balancing Divine Masculine/Feminine with Metatron & Shekinah (and a host of others) towards restoration of the Divine Trinity)

  • £555.00 inclusive of the unique Angelic Light Attunements  given in Templa Mar.
PLEASE NOTE, IF CERTAIN ANGELS ARE GUIDING YOUR ATTENTION TO THE e-MYSTERIES (especially any of those mentioned in the above summaries).  This is a brief outline of what is contained in the e-Mystery Course Modules; if your heart is telling you to enrol it will because you have drawn cards about this from readings in my Angel Card Trilogy: Harmony Angel Cards, Heart & Soul Angel Cards, Love & Light Angel Cards. If your heart urges you to learn more it will be your angels or guides, probably because this is linked to your soul purpose in this life. Some students have compared this to University/College level material.

NB: ATLANTEAN EMERALD TABLE INITIATIONS: My most advanced Mystery School Workshop. Guided by Hermes Trismegistus, Pistis Sophia and many other angels - 36 in all - teaching you how to become a multi-dimensional/Time/Space and Star Gate Tool of Angel Healing & Alchemy for All

The next Initiation Workshop will be in Spring 2017, further information later this year when those qualified can book it.

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