6 September 2016

Advanced Angel Healing & Alchemy - 2016 Enrolment for the Lemurian Blue Star e-Mystery School

Lemurian Blue Star e-Mystery School 2016-7
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A Mystery School is a University of the Soul

As Grace F. Knoche said in her book (published in 1940 by Theosophical University Press): “A Mystery school is a university of the soul, a school for the study of the mysteries of the inner nature of man and of surrounding nature. By understanding these mysteries, the student perceives his intimate relationship with divinity, and strives through self-discipline and devotion to become at one with his inner god”. 

Aptly-named Grace beautifully encapsulates in two sentences the principles of a Mystery School. In 2016, over fifty years later I don’t think I could put this much better as a philosophy, but the difference in 2016 is that the angels, if we ask them, actively support us to perceive Divine Truth, and then if we so choose, we can actually work with them on Ascension. It is still the striving which counts, but I would perhaps describe it differently in terms of this striving. It is threefold: firstly to attain Oneness with All. Secondly, we can choose to become Man the Microcosm directly interfacing with Creator/All/Macrocosm. Thirdly, through this advanced Light Work interface, we can actively manifest this Oneness for Earth and all sentient life, and so majorly aid Ascension

A Mystery School contains Sacred Knowledge
By studying the Mystery School we embrace the sacred knowledge, and can then use it in an altruistic way to aid the healing of Mother Earth and All Life and her re-Ascension to her original vibration (of the Blue Star - unfallen Rigel - in the Orion system). For Ascension we need 144,000 souls to shoulder this Light Work responsibility! If you are reading these words and resonating with them, then it may be your sould contract to do this, and you would have signed up for it aeons ago!

Why study the Lemurian Blue Star Angels e-Mystery School?

It’s special because Ascension is speeding up! We are bringing about a new era of Oneness with All, of Enlightenment: peace and love and light,. The Seraphim Angels (whose ruler is Seraphiel) are Light Beings actively aiding Ascension; the Ennead of Nine Blue Star Seraphim are a key group within the Seraphim, whose special designated work this is. If you have my Heart & Soul or Love & Light Cards, you may have drawn related cards: Thunderbird, Seraphiel, Sanusemi, Rosa Mystica.....?

Are you drawing these angel cards and/or sensing the high vibration? If so, you are or wil be a Light Worker

There was a time when it would have been thought laughable (or even blasphemous) to consider man could work with the Seraphim.  There are nine spheres of angels (Nine is the Ascension Vibration) and although it is not an exact science, Seraphim are usually placed at the ninth and highest sphere.  In the old days our vibration was, in general at least, so dense that if could connect at all with the angelic vibration, most of us couldn’t contemplate connecting energetically beyond the lowest two heavenly spheres: that of angels and archangels.  But by awareness, a firm belief in pushing the boundaries of previous accepted thought (for through will and intention anything is possible), and as Grace says, through self-discipline and devotion, or through what I term a genuine desire to further our own Soul Quest, we are now able to achieve and even hold continuously the Seraphim vibration.

Are you incarnated here to work with the 12-Fold Diamond Ray of Cosmic Spirit

The 12-Fold Creation Ray of Oneness comes from Source/the Creator into this Reality, enfolding the Word in the Pattern - Flower of Life - in its heart and the Blue Star Sapphire/Saf-Fire Ray of Earth's origins 

In this Reality it devolves into the 12 Colours of Creation that give us life, health and the power to move back (if we so choose from heart) into that Oneness.  In this troubled polarity world where Oneness has been largely forgotten, what we can do is open our hearts and ask to be in that Oneness, willing and intending to use this to benefit All, and truly it can be done.  I, and my students and Affiliate Tutors, are living proof of this potential miracle.And if enough people do this, and achieve, through ancient mysteries, Heart Ascension, then it becomes a tipping point for Planetary Ascension.

SO: To become an Advanced Angel Healing & Alchemist you can study the Lemurian Blue Star e-Mystery School, working with all Platonic Solids in turn and entering the Cloud of Knowing - Breath of Life Alchemy - see pic below from Love & Light Angel Cards: You work individually, at your own pace, with me personally and receive key sets of Angelic Light Attunements (in Templa Mar) to facilitate your transformation. This is what you learn in the first 3 levels. And if this sounds a bit complex, well, if you are meant to study it (having probably done this before in past lives) your heart will understand (it works subliminally too) and your head will gradually catch up:

Level 1: Earth & Sacred Eden Tree of Metatron and Shekinah, with Bull of Alpha and Omega. Grounding, balancing, self-healing daily and creating Merkaba/Angelic Light Body (Six Vibration) for Personal Heart Ascension. This is how it all begins. Through the Star Gate to Unity Consciousness.This includes the Blue Star Ascension material. You may already be aware of the Sacred Geometry and how to re-connect with it, beginning with the simplest form, attaining balance and becoming One with Sacred Eden Tree. Now, helped by a host of angels, you build on your own Sacred Geometry (Six-Point Star - Star Tetrahedron), and Merkaba, aka Angelic Light Body – Key tool of Ascension andcan achieve a further leap of spiritual consciousness. When you’ve experienced this leap, you will be ready for the next one, which is to fly to the Blue Star with Thunderbird (Five-Point Star – symbol for spiritual alchemy) and attain the Ascension Vibration!

Level 2: Air – Breath of Life - & Thunderbird/Thunderbeing of the Blue Star; moving on from Star Tetrahedron (the first step), now expanding your Light Body through the Penta Star and Five Vibration and on to the Ascension Nine Vibration of the Blue Star/New Earth Star and of the Ennead of Blue Star Seraphim – key Ascension Light Beings). Five and Nine is the interaction of the Ascension Light Beings with mankind. This is about attaining the true harmony and balance implicit in Thunderbird. In this level you fly with Thunderbird and then, carrying the Blue Star Ascension Vibration back through the 44:44 Star Gate, return as a Thunderbeing to Eden Tree from where, linked to the 11:11 Star Gate as well as the 55:55 Star Gate, you can continuously manifest it for Earth and mankind. You preferably need to reach this level before attaining Affiliate Tutor Status.

Level 3: Fire and Breath of Life Healing with Octahedron - Soul Retrieval Light Work, with Thunderbird, Solar Lion, Dragon. As a Thunderbeing and holder of the Blue Star vibration in heart and soul, you now work on healing with the Seraphim Angels’ Star Fire Cones, and your Light Work moves to the Octahedron, combining Fire of Life Alchemy with Breath of Life. This Platonic Solid is key to all kinds of soul retrieval (both for mankind and for Mother Earth and the Nature Kingdom). With Amethyst Throne and Michael’s Light Sword, in Templa Mar, you aid the Angels Michael and Melchisadec by taking part in the Michael Mandate of Light for Earth Redemption, and so your own Soul Quest proceeds in this vital Light Work.

These three levels** are packaged together at a fee of £444.00, payable upon enrolment, and most students take a year or more to complete these levels; e-Mail this website (contact page) to book or enquire further. Originally written from 2005 to 2010, they have this year been completely revised for the new vibration. (They can also be used as a prepration for the Atlantean Emerald Table Workshops; the next one of these is planned for Spring 2017** Some students have equated this with a University/College level of study.

Those who complete these levels can continue on to the Advanced Levels 4, 5 6 & 7, packaged together at a fee of £555.00. I have re-opened enrolments for September 2016 only, having received new enquiries, then they will be closed again until 2017.

Advanced Saf-Fire Star Gate 55:99

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