13 January 2013

A thank you gift

A special hello to all those of you who so very kindly sent me love and healing this week, from your hearts, and as messaged on Facebook.  Many of you helped me greatly with my dental procedures: the first half in December and the final half last Wednesday, Jan. 9th.

No matter if you are a trained healer or not, healing is Light energy and it is powered by Love, so it can be purely by our own will and intention that we send this to others.  In fact the way I see it is that Love gives form to Light.

To those who helped: I know who some of you are, from your lovely messages, but there may be others out there who sent me healing through loving will and intention, whose names I don't know.  You sent it to me out from your hearts, and I received it (like a prayer, which works the same way).  You know who you are, and the angels know and see All.  I am very, very grateful as I had been putting off these procedures for about two years because of the effect on my energy of the large anaesthetic doses!

So as a thankyou, I have asked to set up*, collectively for you all, this special, free Angelic Light Attunement from mighty Melchisadec, Ruler of 7, whom I have been featuring in the past week.  I worked with Melchisadec intensely (and appropriately!) for 7 years on self-healing, finally realising that the healing quest is only the first part of a 2-part Quest.  Heart Quest is about self-healing through the Labyrinth, finding the heart of it, and opening the higher heart flower (symbolised by the cross in the heart of the Labyrinth which corresponds to the cross in Melchisadec's Chalice.  The Chalice itself represents the Grail of your Higher Heart).  Soul Quest is about using all the spiritual knowledge you gained to help others, in fact to aid All Life.  *I've set this up today in Templa Mar, as per usual for my distant Attunements; Templa Mar is of course taught in my e-Courses and can be found in my Heart & Soul cards, in the Angel Quest of the Heart, in the Angel Almanac, and in the Love & Light Angel cards.  This is part of one of a set of 12 Angelic Light Colour Healing Attunements, each containing different levels of vibration.

Recently I've been teaching on Facebook about Melchisadec, Ruler of Sacred Seven and the Violet (7th) Ray; he is invaluable in guiding your self-healing, and any decision you make now to begin to find the way through his 7-Turn Labyrinth to your own true self.  The artwork above comes from the Harmony Angel Cards, which feature Melchisadec, who also teaches you (via me) in the Angel Quest of the Heart, and in a higher vibration (see artwork at the end of this Blog), advises how to work with his sacred geometry in the Love & Light Angel Cards.  In many ways it all begins with Violet and the Violet Fire (Ray) of Transmutation.  As with all angels and angelic energy, there are many, many levels.  And although Violet is a colour for third eye, wherever we are on the Way of Love & Light I have learned that we will still have to heal all chakras, unblocking and releasing from each, starting at root chakra -The Dance of Six (Self-Healing) and Five (Spiritual Development).

I am sure all of you reading this know about the 7 Major Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown.  These begin with Creation Red at root, and are the traditional Rainbow Colours you are used to, yet after working with, and healing levels of the 7, I move on to teach 9 (for attaining the Ascended self and in 3D the 6-Point Star becomes the 9-Point Star Tetrahedron)The extra 2 chakras are Higher Heart (Magenta) and Thymus (Turquoise).  These are more advanced Colours of Creation which need to be seen with Eye of Heart, not just normal eyes.  Apart from these there is Gold, Silver and Diamond, making 12 pure Angelic Light Colours of Creation and in fact 5 vibrations for each (the paler the colour, the higher the vibration).  And some of you may be interested to know that actually in the Ascended spectrum there are also 5 Diamond Ray vibrations for each Colour of Creation.

In Part 1 of this Attunement you heal 7; in Part 2 you can ask to see with Eye of Heart, either begin to open Higher Heart Chakra or open it further, and perhaps receive a Violet gift from Melchisadec.  

This Violet Fire Angelic Light Healing Attunement is adapted from the versions included in my e-Courses: e-Module 1A (Melchisadec & Sacred Seven - these are the 7 Angels you have seen and can read about in my FB if you scroll down, they rule the weekdays, the Angelic Merkaba e-Course and the Blue Star Angels e-Mystery School*.  But if you ever take these e-Courses with me or my Tutors, you can and will download the Attunements many, many times for you can receive them at whatever level of vibration you're ready for.  *Temporarily withdrawn from website as being revised to include the new Diploma courses, incorporating the old e-Modules, as well as new e-Modules.  For information in the meantime, e-mail FB or this website, and/or from Approved & Affiliate Tutors - See FB.  

If for any reason you wish to purchase this from me at the fee of £22.00 (Angelic Numerology for Transformation) and to receive it personally and distantly from me, please message me on FB; this offer is open until end January 2013.   

Or please write if you wish to be kept informed about the full set of 12 Angelic Light Colours of Creation Healing Attunements at various levels - (part of the new Colours of Creation Angel Healing system) - coming soon.


The Violet Flame is born of the Seventh Ray – this is the Ray of Mystery and Magic that is directly linked to both Melchisadec and Ariel. 

Violet, the spiritual antiseptic, holds the power of transmutation of negative energy.  When you transmute negativity from within yourself or around you, it is to White Fire that negativity is safely returned. 

For Melchisadec’s Attunement you will receive the first pure Violet Ray of one shade (one of the warm violet colours) in Part 1, or, if you are ready for it and you are using this to mainly to aid others, a variations of Violet Ray vibrations or another gift in Part 2.  When you’ve downloaded it, practise channelling it through your palms (Part 1 may feel warm, Part 2 variations can be warm or cool).  Even if you feel little, you will still able to hold and channel this Ray to aid self or others, and the more you practise with it, the more you will feel it. I cannot over-emphasise that it is all and only about your Loving will and intention and how this empowers Light.  Love is the Key.

Part 1: A MELCHISADEC VISUALISATION USING THE MACROCOSM STAR, for downloading this unique Violet Fire Angelic Light Attunement for the purpose of using it for self-healing (Heart Quest).

  • Invoke Melchisadec, Ariel (Earth & Air), and Aratron (Guardian of Nature Magic), Raphael and Gabriel (for healing, harmony and balance) to be with you. 
  • Take some deep breaths in and out of pure, sparkling white energy (Spiritus Dei - Breath of the Creator - pure White Fire Angelic Light), from Above.
  • With each breath expelling any negative thoughts, until you've breathed out as much as you can and feel filled and surrounded with Light. 
  • Now will and intend to ground this energy through your feet, sending it to down to the heart of Mother Earth, to help her healing, as well as All Below. 
  • In gratitude she will expand this energy; now bring it back through your feet, sending it up through crown and then to Raphael and Sun, Gabriel and Moon, making your link to All Above, so you are grounded and held by this link to both Above and Below
  •  See yourself inside the Macrocosm Star as you see it pictured above; see yourself within the Amethyst crystal in the 7th - Melchisadec's own - point of the Star.
    •  Now with Melchisadec focus on his Violet Ray of Transmutation.
    •  Mentally ask to be allowed to cleanse each chakra energy centre. 
    •  One by one take 7 cleansing breaths of Love and the Violet Ray of Transmutation: one for each point of the star, and for each of your chakras (order is: root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, third eye, crown). 
    • With each breath, will and intend that Melchisadec’s Violet Ray cleanses each chakra of your body in turn, preparing you for the Violet Ray Attunement you can receive. 
    • Remember that through Love this Light Ray can transmute levels of negativity within you, that are now ready to be released.
    • Now take Breath 8 and ask to receive the Violet Ray Attunement in heart.  This means to be encircled with Violet Fire that further opens higher heart/third eye spiritual consciousness, to take you further on the Way of Love and Light. 
    • Enjoy the feeling of peace and protection that this brings you. From now on you will always be able to channel the Violet Ray energy. 
    • Remember always to thank all the angels for their help.
Next (optional) Part 2 for Soul Quest Light Workers:
    • See your chakras as 9 in total: 3 groups of 3.  Root/Sacral/Solar; heart/higher heart/thymus, throat/third eye/crown.
    • Re-do the first 7 breaths, as this may allow your main chakras to reach a new healing level/level of vibration.
    • Take breath 8 into your thymus chakra: Turquoise and symbolising Water of LIfe and this chakra is the first one that forms a direct link to angelic realms.  Tell the angels you wish to use this connection with them to aid Mother Earth & All Life.  It is this purity of intent which will further your spiritual development. 
    • Take a 9th enabling breath; Water of LIfe flows into your heart flower which either open or if already open, expand more.  Again this is if your will and intention towards Mother Earth & All Life is loving and unconditional.
    • Finally, ask Melchisadec if you may receive a gift in connection with Violet, to aid healing; whatever you receive will be of great significance for your Heart and/or Soul Quest (see note below re Jod).
    • Ensure you thank the angels for everything you were given.
    • This also means you should now be working with a 9 Chakra system, suitable for the major Earth Shift taking place.  Of the 12 Colours of Creation, these are 9, the rest are Gold, Silver and Diamond (taught in Angel Almanac, Love & Light Angel Cards and various e-Courses, including new one tba.)
    • Artwork from Love & Light cards below, with (top right) Hebrew Malachim Healing Glyph of Jod (Yod) meaning Openness, Power, True Direction.

I have set this up for you all, holding you in the petals of my heart and asking that any clearing (blocks being released from the chakras) is minimised, and for the Highest Good of All.  Drink lots of water to flush out those blocks, and to therefore be enabled to move further along The Way of Love & Light.

Love, light, gratitude and angel blessings
from Angela xxxx

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