21 January 2013

NEW: The Angel Healing Collective

Dear readers and angel enthusiasts,

On February 1st Raymond and I are launching our new Angel Healing Collective.  (Raymond is my Affiliate Tutor who assists with FB and FB initiatives, scroll down to read about him on FB.)

What does this mean?  Well, our idea (guided by the angels of course!) is to start this year off by offering you the opportunity of aiding any New Year resolutions you may have made in connection with healing (see Raphael, Patron Angel of Healing above):
  • Transforming, in general, self and/or life (have you seen 222 lately - this is your guidance for an opportunity for such transformation?)
  • Healing self in mind, body or spirit, i.e.
    • Unblocking a particular chakra (have you seen any particular double/triple numbers which would aid diagnosis of this, or do you feel a block that you wish to address with our support?)
    • Focusing on a special problem in your life? 
    • Moving forward spiritually (are you seeing 55s at all?)
To offer help with the angels we have devised a healing circle, and we call it the Angel Healing Collective....and this will be specific angel healing sent to you, by me and by Raymond, every day for the entire month at what we hope is an affordable fee (as it is much less than the average cost of just one face to face healing session).


The Angel Healing Collective will be run from February 1st on a monthly basis, subject to demand monitored through my Facebook Page; Raymond is responsible for this initiative and its bookings.  In other words you will need to be registered on my Facebook page, and to sign up with Raymond and our special link by the end of the previous month i.e. 31st January to be in at the launch on February 1st.

And before doing so you need to decide which of our two options you are booking and what you specifically want to be helped with in self or life.  Although we emphasise that we and the angels can support you with love in what you are healing, rather than doing this healing completely for you. If you want your healing to be lasting, you need to take personal ownership of it within heart and soul.

There are two Angel Healing Collective options and two fees (with supporting vibrations from the numbers).  Each option is payable before the month starts, to ensure your healing can be given (as we need various information, in confidence, from you before we can begin your monthly mini-healing angelic support plan for you): 
  1. £33.00 per month (minimum period) (Angelic Numerology for a decision about starting a new phase in your life).  Payable before the month's healing begins this covers:
    • Identifying for you the angels who could specifically support you with your issue(s)
    • Being placed in our heart petals by personal name, in a "wing print".
    • Invoking the nominated angel or angels into your "wing print", to bolster your own efforts in self-healing 
    • You work at this yourself also, daily, with the same angel(s), and you will be supported by us and the angels in dealing with that issue, for your highest good.  
    • You can book just one month, or more; the choice is yours. 
  2. £55.00 per month (minimum period) Angelic Numerology for spiritual development).  Payable in advanc as above, this means:
    • After confidential discussion with you, we create your Angelic Merkaba Light Body template around you (it lasts 36-48 hours before it would collapse if we didn't maintain it on your behalf); and we keep re-creating it throughout the duration of your booking.  You may well be able to feel/sense its presence.  We programme it with relevant angels. 
    • The Sacred Geometry of Merkaba will bring forward in life your spiritual path on the Way of Love & Light.  So again you are supported in facing and overcoming obstacles in the way of your spiritual growth, so that you can move forwards on your path.  
    • Merkaba is wonderful and the best "spiritual tool" I know; I first learned it in 2000 and  I've done it daily ever since.  Of course in the long run it's best to choose to do this for yourself (see my Soul Quest courses - Angelic Merkaba - when they go back up on my website shortly and will be on this Blog.  But this Light Body healing that we offer you now buys you space and time to take stock of life and the issues preventing your own inner peace and harmony. 
    • Once again it is for you to take advantage of this period in whatever way you can.
    • If you decide to book this option, Raymond and I recommend you do it for a period of 3 to 6 months with us, however, to be supported to prepare and make life-changing decisions.  We would not want to in any way permanently over-ride your own free will, karmic choices you may have made for your current life path.
  3. Once you have signed up for your option, a confidential questionnaire will be sent by Raymond so that the angels for your needs can be determined; information will be given to you on what we are doing and how you can maximise your benefit. 
  4. The link for booking this between now and 31st January is: 
  5. http://www.facebook.com/TheAngelHealingCollective.  
  6. As we and the angels say, Love is the Key (see Haniel, Guardian of Venus, above) and Seraphiel Ruler of the Seraphim (below; they are jointly guiding this project).  The rest is up to you.....
 Sending you love, light and angel blessings

Angela McGerr


james atel said...

Nice blog I love angels I love them for they are my heaven on earth angelic healing

Angela McGerr said...

Thanks again, James, I believe that Angels are not "fluffy" but are healing rays from the Creator; everything I write about and teach concerns self-healing (Heart Quest) and then using the knowledge gained from this process to help others to heal(Soul Quest), all of course with the support of the angels. Sending you Love & Light.