4 June 2015

SOUL STAR E-READINGS JUNE OFFER: Where are you on your Dance of Six & Five?


Everything has speeded up enormously, energy-wise, and if you are here now and reading this page you will probably have incarnated for a Divine purpose. Are you seeking guidance about your soul contract?  I have spent 16 years working with the angels and creating guidance tools, such as my unique Angel Card Trilogy (above), which, via a Soul Star e-Reading, encapsulates your Soul Quest so far. The card layout we use is a Five Point Star, with a sixth, central enabling card – so forming a narrative that explains and illustrates what the angels wish you to know about where you are now on your Dance of Six and Five**

For June only, and at a special fee of £88.00, Jo Gill and I will do one of these for you; you will be amazed what manifests and you won’t regret it! 

Microcosm Star: Your Spiritual Path

This is how your card layout will look (pic from Heart & Soul set), EXCEPT the angels will facilitate Jo and I to choose your cards from the 144 comprising all three sets of the trilogy (pic at top).  And you can take it from me (as I have done very many of these e-Readings), the angels always manifest exactly appropriate cards for each person booking a reading. It is not just a reading! Not only do you get a scan of the cards, but you receive the messages of the six cards (with self-healing priorities as well), and so you will also learn which angels are guiding your soul purpose and wish to work with you right now. PLUS in addition, you receive the written interpretations of the reading that have been separately channelled by me (Angela McGerr) as well as my Assistant Jo Gill SO lots of value for your £88.00. And as the e-Readings are written you can take as much time afterwards as you wish, meditating on the images and messages, self-healing (Dance of Six*) and drawing closer to these Angels who will then guide your next Dance of Five*.

Please e-mail me at this website via the Contact page to take advantage of this unique e-Reading Offer, termnating 30th June, or msg. me on Facebook (angelamcgerrauthor).


Healing on six of Macrocosm*/expanding spiritual consciousness: five of Microcosm*.  I call this the Dance of Six and Five

It is the role of the Angels, as given by the Creator, to aid and support us in this Dance*. There are countless levels of healing we need, to remove blocks incurred in this and perhaps dozens - or even hundreds of other lifetimes.  Each time we complete a healing level, and we then become ready to move on spiritually, new levels of vibration will be offered to us, always moving us onwards and upwards through Love towards pure Light.  The equation continues in the same way each time.  In other words the six of self-healing is needed at every new level you reach, before you move on with five to further expand spiritual consciousness.  The relationship between five and six is like an eternal dance between the two numbers/vibrations that takes place along the Way of Love and Light.   

*When we complete this Dance to a certain level, we will have become Light Workers and can qualify for a higher Dance of Twelve & Thirteen, taking us to Advanced Light Work. If this resonates, please find out (from a teacher you trust), where you are now and where you need to go on your own personal Dance in this current life path, to fulfil your own soul contract.

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