30 June 2015

HOW TO TRY OUT ANGEL MEDITATIONS FROM MY NEW BOOK: Angel Healing & Alchemy - How to Begin - Melchisadec, Sacred Seven & The Violet Ray


As many of you know, I have just published with O Books (Axis Mundi) my first new book since the Love & Light Angel Card set was released in 2009.  Moving on from the nine illustrated works of Quadrille, I've now embarked on a series of self-study books explaining step by step for readers how to attain spiritual alchemy. This first book offers a chance to create the firm foundations and angelic connections to significantly further physical and spiritual harmony and balance. After this step, readers can work directly towards personal Ascension. Finally I plan to write for those whose soul contract is to aid the angels with advanced Light Work. 

This series begins with a completely updated version of the very first e-Module I used to teach earlier in this millennium. The new book is entitled Angel Healing & Alchemy – first steps – Melchisadec, Sacred Seven & the Violet Ray (see eight artworks shown here from my earlier works).  What I have done is to fully revise and expand the original and successful e-Course to focus on the potential for mankind's greater spiritual growth that pertains post December 2012. With the help of the angels and subliminal Attunements I willed and intended into the book, I incorporated this higher vibration now being offered to all those who are working with the angels and choose to take advantage of this.  By this I mean those prepared to make the effort to further spiritually transform selves and lives. This is a "Now" moment! We can work more closely with these eight mighty angels and, with their support, attain new and much higher levels of physical and spiritual harmony. This foundational structure will then lead readers towards the next key alchemical step of personal Heart Ascension (to aid Mother Earth to re-Ascend). Finally, readers can learn Advanced Light Work techniques and practise the healing alchemy within the angels’ Sacred Geometry, Colour and Secrets of 72.
Although (except for its cover) the new book does not have colour, here you can view the artworks of the Sacred Seven Rulers of the Weekdays (from my earlier works, including A Harmony of Angels and the Harmony Angel Cards). One of these will be Primary Guardian Angel (the one ruling the day on which you were born) for everyone reading this Blog!

The book is now available from book shops, from Amazon, as an E-Book, or you can purchase a special, signed copy through me and my sister ( contact jo@harmonyhealing.co.uk)

What is it like you ask? Well see below what Anne, one of the first readers, had to say! ALSO, examples of the book's meditations will be posted monthly on this Blog, as well as the O Books own Blog http://www.o-books.com/blogs, so why not bookmark a link?    



Anne, one of the original students on the very first e-Module (around 2006) says, about the new book:

Dearest Angela. ...your book arrived today. I held it to my heart before opening the pages and I immediately saw sparks and flashes of light. I sense its high vibration. I'm so happy to receive it and will start working with Camael at my full moon meditation later. It looks and feels great and from a quick flick through I see there is lots of new information.. I think this is going to be your biggest seller. More and more people are ready now for this level and it has immediate appeal. Congrats on another alchemical achievement. I'll keep you posted. Anne Sweeney, Dublin. xxxxxx

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