6 July 2015

Working with Creation Silver, Gabriel and Moon energy (example of the new book's meditations)

Angel Healing & Alchemy – How to Begin (Examples of the types of Meditations and Exercises in the book: Melchisadec, Sacred Seven & the Violet Ray. For more on Gabriel, see Gabriel’s Chapter of book)

COLOURS OF CREATION ALCHEMY: A FIRST, FOUNDATION EXERCISE WITH GABRIEL. Gabriel is one of the Sacred Seven: Ruler of the Moon and Mondays. This Creation Silver Alchemy Exercise helps to build more Moon energy. This is heart-based, i.e. for Intuition, Imagination, and emotional healing, to re-balance the (head-based) Sun Gold energy of Raphael.

Do you need more power of Gabriel’s Creation Silver at present for something specific? Or perhaps you feel that in general, you have a bit too much Gold (logic, decision-making skills, timely actions), Gabriel suggests that you do a special balancing exercise to benefit from her Silver power of Moon.  By quietly sitting down to do this meditation, and focusing on heart, you will also be in a position to receive further guidance, for how can the angels guide you if you don't give them the opportunity?   

Try the following simple and relaxing meditation with Gabriel and other angels of your choice.  If possible, put on some relaxing music and try to ensure you are not disturbed for about 20 minutes.

·         Take some slow, deep breaths of pure white Angelic energy (Spiritus Dei) and try to focus on your inner self, heart and thymus (place of higher heart).  As you breathe inwards, if you wish, you can say the words "Breath of God in” and as your breathe outwards you can say "letting go of negative energy (such as anger or fear, stress or judgement)".
·         Feel yourself relaxing and going deeper into your inner self.  Let external sounds become part of the background, and maintain your focus within.  Become calm.
·         Imagine the column/meridian line within your body, extending in a vertical line downwards.  It reaches from the crown on top of your head, through your forehead, throat, heart, solar plexus, navel, and finishes at the base of your spine, the root of your being.
·         Ask Gabriel to extend this line from your crown to her Moon, and from your root to the heart of Mother Earth, so you are held in her radiance.
·         Now ask to breathe in Gabriel’s Creation Silver energy.
·         Visualise this pouring into your crown, and feel this wonderful energy flowing down the meridian line and completely filling the column within your body. 
·         When the meridian is filled the silver rays will gather in heart and thymus, as these chakras associate particularly with Creation Silver.
·         Ask for more intuitive powers to be granted to you for your Highest Good.
·         Allow energy to radiate outwards into the rest of your body.
·         Ground by sending the energy through the radiant column to your feet and right to the heart of Mother Earth.
·         As it returns ask the angels to create Creation Silver Light Wings around you, to build/replenish your intuition, until this has become natural to you.
·         Invoke any angel you need, calling him/her by name three times, and then ask him for support in whatever area of your life you feel it is needed.
·         If more appropriate, ask for this assistance (you can do this any time or as often as you like) on behalf of a family member.
·         Remember to end your invocations by saying the words "In Love and Light" three times.  A feeling of energy and comfort will fill you; you will feel relaxed and peaceful.  Trust and you will receive guidance and support.
·         Finally, thank the angels for their loving assistance and send them your love in return.

On the cover of the new book, published by O Books: Melchisadec, Ruler of Seven, Violet and the Sacred Seven. The Sacred Seven rule the weekdays and planets: Gabriel is one of the Sacred Seven, she is Ruler of Mondays and the Moon.

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