27 July 2015

NEW SERAPHIEL CHANNELLING JULY 2015 - Update on the progress of Ascension by Angela McGerr

Seraphiel: Love & Light Cards
You, who read my words, will know of the Seven Wonders of your World. Now in this Eight year there is an Eighth Wonder – Ascension.  This is the re-Ascension of your Mother the Earth, with her sister planet of Venus, to “nestle in the Sapphire vibrational fold” of the Blue Star in Orion from whence they “fell”. In linear time it was aeons ago, yet as time is not linear, but a 2D circularity; you could say it is all happening “Now”.

All That Exists is Light, governed by Sacred Geometry – this is the Cosmic Jigsaw of Oneness that describes and encompasses a world in a state of perfection, including the Divine blue prints for mankind and Nature’s wholeness and harmony. In Duality these geometries divide into curves (Divine Feminine) and straight lines (Divine Masculine). Once you understand this Geometry, it is a matter of simple choice and free will. Do you choose to re-access it, become it, and so reunite it into Oneness for mankind, Earth, All Life?

I salute the magnificent efforts of those amongst you who have done this. You willed and intended enough unconditional Love to hold Angelic Light and to give it form, allowing your Mother the Earth to begin re-Ascending. She has regained her lost Crystalline grid: a Geometry that melds the Icosahedron of Metatron and Shekinah (linked to Sacred Eden Tree), with the Dodecahedron of Spirit that defines your Reality and which I, and my fellow Seraphim, brought you in the Beginning. These combined Geometries are now restored and as more of you work with us, facets of your Earth’s Grid now blaze with White Fire Angelic Light.  Devolving from our Diamond/Sapphire Rays of Creation, White Fire – Spiritus Dei – is the highest vibration in your Reality: the Christ Consciousness Light of Jesus, the Master.

How do you help restore this perfection? Well, O Sons and Daughters of Man, you must first cease to be limited by your beliefs!  Never buy into fear or hatred. These are polarities playing out in the “fallen” Duality Earth but you do not need to energise them, nor let them exist in your own heart. If you can expand your beliefs, the impossible becomes possible. It is really about loving will and intention, letting go of Duality, holding White Fire Angelic Light in heart, or even our Diamond Rays.

Then you progress by desiring to aid the Ascension, to be One with All in this Cause. Many of you are incarnate now for this purpose and I urge you not to fail us at this vital time: your 20th and
Rosa Mystica Star Gate
final Cycle of Existence for Ascension. If you are on Earth to aid me you may glimpse my Power (of the Lion) and my Glory (of the Lamb). My eyes are Stars and as I pass, ablaze with Diamond spirals, galaxies form from my Light Wings, for am I not tasked by the Creator to manifest His Creations? Or you may close your eyes and sense a bright and shimmering Diamond column around you, reaching from your Reality Below to touch Above. With enough Love you can connect with me to hold this Light: - your spine a conduit for Diamond Rays to restore that which was lost for the benefit of your world. Your Higher Self can become Sacred Geometry, rejoin the Cosmic Jigsaw, communicate with us, The Angelic Light Beings, and so truly fulfil your soul’s contract. As always, dear soul, the choice is yours.

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