15 June 2019

Becoming an Angelic Light Worker - First Level Light Body 2019

Becoming an Angelic Light Worker
First Levels of Angelic Light Body***

BEGINNING ANGELIC LIGHT WORK: A Self-study Course guided by Seraphiel, Ruler of the Seraphim Creation Angels, featuring also Metatron & Shekinah, Sacred Eden Tree (original pure Earth template), and many other angels.  *For many this is the next step after Step 1: my course-in-a-book Angel Healing & Alchemy – How to Begin – Melchisadec, Sacred Seven & the Violet Ray. Course Fee £144.00,  bookings open until 20th June only
As Seraphiel (left) says:
“Sacred geometry is the link between the Universes within (Microcosm) and without (Macrocosm) - a tracery of crystalline Angelic Light Sacred Geometry from my celestial spheres directly into crown and heart. If your higher heart says you are worthy of it, I can encode you with this Light and so you can create your own Sacred Geometry (ancient wisdom Merkaba). Your higher self takes on the form of an Angelic Light Body as you share an ancient Secret of the Seraphim”
The Six Mini-e-Course Objectives (taught/explained during course)
  • To aid the Ascension Programme as follows:
    • To gain Oneness with All by going within Sacred Eden Tree
    • To reconnect to the Sacred Geometry of the Universe, first, generally with Pistis Sophia, then using the Star Tetrahedron
    • To balance Gold/Sun and Silver/Moon aspects of self to 3rd eye, to move to crown, and then to become a human conduit of pure, unfallen White Fire: Metatronic/Angelic Light
    • To empower higher heart to hold the Diamond Seed of Life Geometry within heart
    • To Ascend through heart: create with Love (out of the Star Tetrahedron) the Angelic Light Body: an extension of Higher Self
    • To use Geometry of Heart Ascension to send out myriad healing Flower of Life fractals of Angelic Light  
***Note: If you already know about the Star Tetrahedron Merkaba, then with this course and if you are ready, you would move to the next Level - the Star Octahedron. Looks the same but a very different and inter-dimensional vibration. 
In the Beginning was the Word. After going within Eden Tree, the choice you made allows Seraphiel to share his Diamond Rays with you so that you can access the first Word in the Pattern: Seed of Life Geometry. Of course this is only a beginning, albeit a major one - there are many other sacred geometry Light Bodies - more advanced ones, and other Words in the Patterns....

 To book or receive this as an email attachment (with more information on course content) please contact me on my website email angela.harmony@virgin.net. Bookings. open until 20th June only (and this course is offered free to those signing up for the Lemurian & Atlantean e-Mystery School fast-track, if you sign up by 20th June for that and pay the required deposit. (Bookings re-open Sept/October)
Metatron & Shekinah, Guardians of Sacred Eden Tree

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