9 January 2011

Happy New Year

Dear Readers,

A very happy New Year, and may this year of 2011 be filled with angel blessings and abundance for you all.

Thank you to those who've sent me lovely comments so far - it's lonely here without feedback, so do let me know if you like this Diary, and wish me to answer any questions or cover any particular topics for you.

Meanwhile, here is some timely advice to consider for this time of the year (in this part of the world), and it's from The Angel Almanac....

Farlas, Guardian Angel of Winter advises:

My Festival is a time of muted colours, of brown, purple and grey - an apparent absence of Light. While frost embroiders the earth, I enfold sleeping Nature with my strong wings, protecting her secrets from the elements, knowing the darkest time is turning, making way for Light to return. But appearances are deceiving; although all seems lifeless, nothing is further from the truth. Even now new buds are forming and as the sun returns, Mother Earth awakens. This is merely her time of conserving strength and biding time; coming soon is the promise of birth or re-birth.

This is also your chance to conceive something completely new. Whether major or minor does not matter, just that the impulse creates a longing for change: a quest towards true heart's desires - those in line with your soul journey. On dark days I urge you to shine your own Light within to illuminate where your heart wishes to be at the end of the coming year, for as acorn leads to oak and back to acorn, all is in cycles and cannot remain the same.

As winter draws towards its close, little by little I open my wings to embrace the sun. My subtle monochromes acquire brighter hues, as I allow Nature to begin her age-old, magical transformation once more. Your own desire for change can start now, at this same moment. And if you harmonise with my, and all other Solar Festivals your quest leads you towards greater balance at year's end, when I gladly extend my wings towards you once again.

Why not consider the advice of this angel; note the acorn pictured here, and if you feel you need to do this, make some life changes, starting right now!

Another angel to currently assist you is Nadiel (extract from Gold & Silver Guardians Book of Angels)

Nadiel: Guardian Angel of Capricorn says:

I come to you on loving rays of gold building your self-esteem. I bolster this with further dynamic energy bringing you the crystal power of vision, and the chance to fly on my golden wings towards a clearer, brighter future.

Like the Goat of my sign you may be strong and determined, yet perhaps stubborn - slow to give up on doing what you have always done, and cautious to venture into unknown waters without certainty of a safe shore, but perhaps you are no longer fully satisfied. My love brings you the golden vision to look beyond the now to find real happiness, even if it means moving house, town or country to do so. My gold builds your self-esteem, for at times this has been threatened by occasional wrong decisions. You must put these behind you and if you are living as you are only through habit, have the confidence to plan a more challenging future. I aid you with the thoroughness to think through and carry out your resolve towards dramatic changes.

Start soon, for time passes and you cannot go back and do things differently! If you define your past by periods of greyness and boredom, do not incur more regrets over your present. There is, or will be an opportunity to do something completely different. When this choice comes forward, think very carefully about your inner feelings and sense of fulfilment. This is your chance to change direction towards a new life. Invoke my help with your decision. Your head may tell you that it's too late, or you are too old, or set in your ways, but what does your heart say? If you really want to, you can metamorphose into someone completely different, travelling down a brand new avenue in life beneath my wings of golden love.

So there you are.....do you want to take their advice? More soon.....

Love, light, angel hugs and blessings

from Angela McGerr x

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