22 January 2011

January 22nd: Upcoming Workshop in UK and other things.

Hello to all my readers,

Do you enjoy the peaceful feeling you get from meditation, but sometimes feel you don't have time to do it? Once I would have considered meditation a waste of time, but now I wouldn't think of not doing it daily, any more than not having a shower or cleaning my teeth! However, most of us do have to contend with lack of time in life to do all the things we want to do (though Eth, Guardian Angel of Time can always help us here, for as she says, chronological Time is a human construct only, and really Time is fluid - but that's another story...)

But if you only have a few minutes, and/or feel extra stressed, you can always do an exercise with Pistis Sophia, The Heavenly Mother (who is equated also with Eve, Isis, Astarte and Mother Mary, to name but a few!) I do this exercise every single day before I do my own, daily Angelic Light Merkaba meditaton and even on its own it's amazingly effective.

If you have various works of mine (A Harmony of Angels, Harmony Angel Cards, Gold & Silver Guardians and the Angel Almanac) you will be familiar with this mighty and wonderfully uplifting angel, who brings us Faith (including and especially in self), and Compassion for our worldly tribulations. Even more that this, perhaps, she aids us with the necessary strength and ability to overcome the obstacles of daily life and rise above them to move on. For is she not the "Spiritual Mother" of the Zodiac Angels in which all our life template is written? And does she not remind us, also, that this template is not completely fixed and can be changed if we really want to change it? Maybe you are encountering just such a situation right now? Or perhaps you just want a moment's (literally) peace in your day.....View one of her artworks above to get the picture of how this works.

Then, to do this short yet peaceful joining exercise, you can sit or stand, and put your hands either side of you, palms upwards. (As I say, it can take two or three minutes only, or of course longer if you wish, because when you are in your heart space like this, it's a very safe place from which to ask the angels for some urgent Heart or Soul Quest guidance!)

Then simply call her in by saying Pistis Sophia, Pistis Sophia, Pistis Sophia:

  • Please join my right hand, through All Above, with Celestial Star Fire to my left hand
  • And my right foot, through All Below, with Sacred Earth Flame to my left foot
  • Through my heart I am so joined

You will probably feel the energy flow (with some people it does go the other way, and this is fine), through the heart, in a figure of eight, like the Pistis Sophia artwork above. But even if you don't, the joining is still happening. Enjoy the inner tranquillity this joining with Above and Below brings you and keep it in your heart as long as you can.

Pistis Sophia is the Master Card in the Zodiac Suit of the Harmony Angel Cards, which brings me to the set (still selling after first being published in 2002 - thank you angels as well as in various translations!). How can you use these as effectively as possible, and the same applies with my other two sets of the Angel Card Trilogy (see below)?

Each set contains 48 cards, with the vibration rising between each set, but there is no actual message on the card itself - you have to work at it a bit! As Emmanuelle, one of my friends and students says: "There are no quick fixes with Angela's cards!" The reason for this is that there are many levels to the cards and the readings; this is true of the individual sets but even more so when you use all 144 cards of the Trilogy to do a deep and really informative angelic guidance reading. People sometimes compare my Angel Cards to Tarot, but they are different because there is only pure, positive energy in the Angel Cards, and I was specifically guided by the angels to create them (beginning back in 1999), so that pure positive messages of guidance are obtained, with nothing worrying or frightening.

But you may or may not be aware that finally, after all these years, I am teaching a one-off Workshop on this, and it's coming soon!!!

ANGEL CARD TRILOGY WORKSHOP: March 12/13th 2011, at Nash Manor.

This is a unique two day Angel Card Trilogy Workshop in which the angels and I will teach you all you need to know about the Trilogy. It's aimed at those wishing to read my angel cards as effectively as possible, either for self and loved ones, or professionally
(optional certificate available).

It's also suitable for healing therapists who often use my card sets to aid intuitive diagnoses.

The Trilogy comprises:
  • Harmony Angel Cards (first pub. 2002)
  • Heart & Soul Angel Cards (first pub. 2006)
  • Heart & Soul Angel Cards (first pub. 2009)
When writing these card sets only 200 words could be fitted on each page, to give the interpretation. As you will realise there is so much more that could have been said with regard to each card selected, either in general, or specifically for the person asking for guidance. Even more than this, there was not much room to explain how the cards in a layout relate together.

Therefore the Workshop's first day is about using each of the sets of the Trilogy separately, to do readings for self or loved ones, etc. and give maximum possible guidance. Of course the energy vibration rises with each set, also, which also needs to be taken into consideration.

On the second day we shall use all 144 cards together, and I shall demonstrate my own, proven, layouts as guided by the angels. Generally I focus these on Heart Quest or Soul Quest, but of course other focuses can be used as well. The 144 cards allow a deep and meaningful reading to be achieved. You may wonder how one gets over the previous point, in other words that some cards may be a bit “advanced” for some recipients of the messages. However, you won’t be surprised to learn that even when doing the readings distantly (having invoked the angels to guide the selection), the angels ensure that only appropriate cards ever come up!!

The small size of this special class is deliberate so that each student will be able to do a personal Heart as well as Soul Quest reading for themselves, or a loved one if preferred with my help. (These readings normally cost £75!)

There is an optional e-Test after the Workshop for those who wish to receive a Certificate of Competence, signed by me, as a professional reader of the Trilogy.

See www.angelamcgerr.com/workshops to book. This Workshop has only 10-12 places because of the individual nature of the tuition involved. Book either through the website, using this link, or e-mail me for other payment options.

Some of my readers who have also become students and persona friends are coming to this Workshop; perhaps I shall meet new faces too? As I write these words there were sparkles in the air around me!

Anyway, that's all for this post!

A zillion angel blessings to you all

from Angela McGerr

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