26 August 2015

Angelic support in times of grief

The angel Terathel from my Love & Light Angel Cards, see how the layers of grief work in towards the healing of Sun's Gold and Creation Yellow, and to heart and forgiveness, including self with Magenta and so to re-birth.

Because of the family bereavement last week, I've been calling on Terathel a great deal (with Rachmiel, Haniel and Rikbiel). Therefore I felt it was timely to post this extra interpretative information on Terathel for anyone reading my Blogs who is in the same, sad position at the moment as our family - my husband lost his younger brother last week after a terrifying short illness.


Terathel is an angel who does not appear in any of my other published works, although the Tau/Tree of Life aspect is covered first in the Harmony Angel Cards (see Sacred Symbols with Metatron & Shekinah) because it goes back to Lemuria and actually means emergence out of darkness into Light,  and on that card (adapted from Churchward’s (Le) Mu (rian) Glyphs, I associate it with both Tree of Life (Cabbala), the pure vibration that is the Sacred Eden Tree blue-print for Earth & Mankind, and our life-path(s) journey from Earthly Kingdom to Crown and Oneness. 

Also, many of you will have invoked and worked with Terathel’s fellow angel Rachmiel (who was said to have incarnated as St. Francis of Assisi and who also appears in the Harmony Angel Cards, Gold & Silver Guardians and the Angelic Abundance box).  These two angels especially come to support healing for those whose hearts may be damaged (or even closed) through bereavement, rejection, trauma or fear.  Rachmiel brings this same assistance to both people and the Nature Kingdom - all who are unable to help themselves. On the other hand, I feel the message of Terathel, when combined with Tau, is aimed at mankind, being slightly more complex and in this instance, at a higher vibration.

However, both angels offer the sufferer a golden egg which protects and even cocoons that person from the outside world; this is just for a little while – a breathing space in which to heal the heart so that once again it can be open to expansion (fear and hate contract the heart while love expands it).  As mentioned, the protective layers offered by Terathel move slowly inwards and then, when the bereaved person feels stronger, move outwards again,  gradually becoming finer, more ethereal.

The colours of Gold of healing, Creation Green and Magenta of Heart tell the healing story.  With Rachmiel I feel his aid is primarily offered to support the self-healing of the one who has suffered for whatever reason and often through no fault of his/her own.  Rachmiel’s purpose is to firstly allow reopening of heart with forgiveness if appropriate, and then to foster expansion of that nurturing and compassionate side of mankind’s nature, with a particular focus on directing these qualities to those who cannot always help themselves in the Earthly Kingdom: children, the elderly, the infirm, yet also the Nature and animal kingdom. 

Terathel takes this message to involve a larger, more Universal scale.  Compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness etc. is developed in a Soul Quest (Crown) sense, to heal, re-open and expand heart and soul multi-dimensionally, to aid Mother Earth, All Life, Ascension and Beyond....And in this context, Terathel tells us once more (as we have been exploring recently) that although heart healing will need Water of Life and/or Fire of Life, to rebuild on this healing, All begins (base of artwork) with Red, in this case Magenta (for forgiveness) and Orange for the resulting self-transformation. 

So the message of the artwork, which combines with the channelled text accompanying the card in the deck (see italics below) is: Recognise first that this, your Truth (Creation Blue) and Divine Order. Travel with Terathel through healing personal heart (Green) to embrace Creation Yellow and Gold (positive energy, decisions and actions) and then towards forgiveness of self and others with Magenta in order to open (or re-open) higher heart. Then, Terathel affirms that when ready, you can move outwards again from his protection towards the emotional healing of Creation Turquoise and enter your own next (higher) level of Creation Blue of Truth

Tau: Terathel - grief, desire, compassion, peace

I bring Tau: spiritual emergence, resurrection from darkness into Light.  I am the luminescent gleam in the night gently infusing heart and soul, bringing the promise of healing and hope.   My symbol is an egg of protection, for I know you have suffered, leaving you feeling exposed and vulnerable.  Yet my egg also symbolises rebirth.  Wrapped in a cloud of pure golden radiance, it is threaded with coral, rose and magenta of compassion and healing for your heart, and pure white of spiritual peace for your soul.  Whenever you invoke me and ask for this, I flow these Light rays to weave my egg around you, providing a comforting environment in which you can begin to acknowledge traumas, release cleansing tears of healing, move on towards freedom.

You can make this choice.  Completely enclosed in my radiant egg, its rays of Love flow into your energy centres.  If you are ready to let go of fear and anguish they melt it away to allow a new serenity to flow in.  In Templa Mar you could first heal with either Fire or Water of Life.  Then rebuild from Creation Red.  As you gain physical strength to move upwards, I bolster you with my strong, supportive energy, aiding each endeavour with Love until you re-emerge fully into Light 

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