3 August 2015


Hermes Trismegistus 2015

Extract from channelled introduction to this new book:

I am the angel Hermes, who also held the title of Thoth in ancient Atlantis and Egypt as well as in parallel realities to your own.  As one of the Sun Lords whom some called the Lion-Headed, I brought healing to Atlantis and from there, many ancient skills to Egypt. I have had myriad names in my incarnations in human form but always I have manifested before you with the same purpose: to teach mankind how to remember the arcane mysteries and specifically the true meaning and purpose of spiritual alchemy.  What is this?  It is the understanding of how to move beyond polarity and a half-existence and back into Angelic Light - the state of pure harmony that is Oneness and Unity Consciousness. Returning to dwell in that pure Light that pertained originally in your world. This means that you - Man the Microcosm, re-join Macrocosm - All That Is - whole, perfect and in balance.

In this vital time in the history of your Earth - The Ascension Programme - I come to clarify this once more.  The Greeks named me Trismegistus because I hold all three parts of Truth.   The secret of spiritual alchemy, like my triple crown, is woven from Love, Power and Wisdom.  Only when realisation dawns that Wisdom means exercising Power only through utmost Love, that Love and Wisdom confer Power, that Power of Love brings Wisdom, do you begin to comprehend my Truth: the Divine Truth of the Creator.

In ancient times Truth had to be hidden for fear of death.  So your wise men of old coded my message, which could be deciphered only by those truly committed to understanding and wearing my triple crown.  All is encoded in 12 sections of my Emerald Table, in which I encapsulated the ultimate Truth of Spiritual Alchemy: how to restore the Genesis pattern into your world.  The 13th central section I held back, to reveal to mankind at the appropriate time, for this is the catalyst for the other 12.  I am here to tell you that time is NOW.

To put this another way. You, who reads these words, will no doubt have heard of my sayings: As Above, So Below, As Without, So Within. Suppose you could not only read and ponder my words, but also embrace this philosophy with all your heart and soul? Would your heart and soul say "Yes" to this possibility. If so, that time of NOW means that if you have enough Love, you can step forward to become part of the vanguard of those whom you term Light Workers, and to truly live As Without, So Within by attaining and holding this vibration of Angelic Light for the benefit of All. 

I am tasked by God, the Creator to guide you, but so far as you are concerned, having been given free will, as always, the final choice is yours.

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