7 August 2015

Pistis Sophia & other key angels: Special Exercise for 8th August 2015 Leo Star Gate conjunction

Pistis Sophia from the Love & Light Cards

© 21ST CENTURY ANGELOLOGY by Angela McGerr Angelic Healing & Alchemy for the spiritual journey, inspired by Essene Angelology blended with Hermeticism: the philosophy I write about in my books, and teach in my courses and e-Mystery Schools:


Pistis Sophia is as old as Time and has had many names, having been equated with Eve, Astarte, Isis, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin (Goddess and Divine Mother in Buddhism - She who hearkens to the cries of the world).  As with exercise 1 (right), this exercise creates the Eight of Infinity in energy flow, connecting to the Eight Roads to Heaven, the Eight Spoke Wheel of the Solar Cycles, Celtic Wheel of Fate, Dharma of Buddha. However, this time with Pistis Sophia you go further to actually work with Star Fire of her Zodiac stars Above, including specific Zodiac Angels, and Mazuriel, plus Blue Star Sapphire energy emanating from the heart of Mother Earth Below. Through Love, her shining White Fire Angelic Light veils and the sacred pattern of the Seed of Life, and if you can feel that Love for All, she allows you to hold this powerful connection through heart for healing self, Mother Earth, All Life.
Pistis Sophia starter Exercise 1 from Harmony Cards

First invoke all angels’ names three times from heart, with loving intention, then:

  • Pistis Sophia: as you taught me I have joined my right hand through All There Is Above with Golden Star Fire and your eleven Zodiac Angels, and my right foot through All There Is Below with Blue Star Sapphire energy of Earth’s heart; through heart’s Love and Eight of Eternity, I am encircled in your radiant veils of White Fire Angelic Light.
  • As I bridge Above and Below through my own heart, I draw down pure healing and balance for Mother Earth and All Life Below, then she returns this to my heart through and with the healing Seed of Life fractal* (see pic below) and its Colours of Creation, including Magenta, Colour of Creation of the open higher heart. In my heart I accept and hold the power of this Love & Light fractal energy for the benefit of All* Also aiding your personal healing Dance of Six as follows:

  • Through Magenta I now ask to connect on this special day and year, with Verchiel, Ruler of Leo, and to the Leo Zodiac Gateway of 8/8/2015. 
  • With Verchiel I ask to access the Fire of Life of Uriel and Raphael’s Sun, and of Mazuriel’s Central Sun of All Suns**(pic below), to bring this ultimate healing power of Six and Divine Fire through my heart. I wish to help heal Mother Earth and All Life Below to aid the Ascension.**Power of Six, Macrocosm, Wholeness, Divine Fire
    Mazuriel, from Heart & Soul Cards
  • As Mother Earth returns this to me, I send these healing fractals to my own personal Zodiac template Above; through loving will and intention I bring this into heart Below.
  • I ask through heart to re-harmonise myself Above & Below for my Highest Good
  • If appropriate you can optionally also say: With your support, I will and intend healing Sun and Fire of Life transformation in my life
  • Pistis Sophia, I thank you and the other angels. As I am safely held in your shining veils; I pledge to use any and all knowledge gained to aid others – All Life - to heal and transform. Please support me with self-belief and towards overcoming obstacles to my true soul’s purpose in this life path. *For names of your Zodiac Angels (Ruler of the Sign, Ruler of the Element, Sacred Seven Angel in your Sign) see Harmony Cards, Angel for Every Day, Angel Almanac.

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