31 August 2015

More on my Love & Light Cards: Khabiel (Silver – 1st Heaven) and Tagriel (Gold – 2nd Heaven)

Star Gate of Moons (Love & Light Cards)

Many of you Light Workers reading this will be working with Gold and Silver of Creation to aid Ascension. This is a huge subject, but to be brief, firstly we use Caduceus to move towards first balance up to third eye to crown and White Fire of Oneness with All. You can work to self-heal with this in my new book (pic here) or in my earlier Angel Almanac book. 

From there, you can attain the mighty step of Diamond of Creation (another huge subject), to be a continuous channel for it! BUT you are then urged to return to work with different vibrations/levels of Caduceus (and other symbols) to aid All; for example to channel higher vibrations - Galactic/Interdimensional Golds and Silvers.  

So in summary, you begin with Raphael and Gabriel (as in my Harmony Angel Cards, and Angel Healing & Alchemy book on Melchisadec, Sacred Seven & the Violet Ray, because Raphael and Gabriel are two of the Sacred Seven.  Next, you would work with Solar Lion and perhaps Mazuriel, and Mirabiel, Dolphin and Unicorn (Heart & Soul deck).

Later still you may channel Tagriel and Khabiel, for specialist Light Work involving those advanced Ascension Gold and Silver vibrations. This Light Work would connect to restoration of the Divine Masculine (Gold) and Divine Feminine (Silver) in order to bring forth the Divine Child (Christic) vibration of Diamond for All.

KHABIEL (below left)

& TAGRIEL (below right):
Malachim Glyph of Kaph: Bowl, Abundance, Surrender.

I’ve decided, in fact, to feature these two really useful angels together, because it's all about the "bowl" (see glyph top right), re-balancing it upright and re-filling it with Gold or Silver as appropriate.  You will know (because I have written about this in Harmony Angel Cards, Gold & Silver Guardians, Angel Almanac) about mankind’s specific gold and silver aspects.  (In a nutshell: Gold – beginning with Raphael - is associated with head, logic, analytical skills and decisions (also solar chakra) while Silver – beginning with Gabriel - is for higher heart chakra, intuition, imagination, feelings/hunches).  If you follow my work you'll also know we need first to prioritise bringing both aspects into balance to find harmony in self and life. First we work with these energies to release blocks to third eye, and so, if we have opened higher heart, we go into crown and White Fire of Oneness (and this applies both to Microcosm and Macrocosm in terms of Mother Earth).  But this but "one small step" on our Wisdom spiral!  Because of course after the White Fire (pure unfallen Metatronic/Angelic Light, highest vibration of this reality), you may attain Diamond of Creation itself through Seraphiel.....but then, there are the Star Gates offering higher levels - Gold of All Suns – Sacred Heart of the Creator with Mazuriel and Galactic Moons’ Silver Platinum with Ophaniel) that can be channelled to aid Ascension and Beyond.  Now since the 2012/3 rise in vibration, so much more is possible and so much faster!!  

SO, to return to the importance of Khabiel & Tabriel, they offer their bowls of abundant radiant energies for us at all these highest of levels to go far beyond our own Sun and Moon, if our soul contracts say we are here to do Light Work.  In that case if wish to surrender to these angels we will retrieve our own Ancient Wisdom, and increase our potential to work with Power of Love & Light to benefit All. 

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